If you are ready to accept Jesus into your life as your Savior and Lord, I encourage you to
say the following prayer from the heart. The following prayer is just a guideline. I
encourage you to say your own prayer but if you are not sure how to pray, the following
prayer is a good example of how to call upon Jesus.

Keep in mind we are not saved through a "magical" recital or prayer but through the
conscious acceptance of Jesus as our only savior and by living according to His word and

"Dear Father, I believe you sent Jesus to save me from sin. Today I confess my sins and
accept Jesus as the Lord of my life and my personal savior. I turn my life over to You
today. Please make me a new creature through Your Holy Spirit and change my heart.
Help me walk in Your ways as  You reveal yourself to me. Thank You Jesus for dying for
my sins. I accept Your gift of salvation today and confess that You are Lord."
There are a couple of things you can do to strengthen your faith and to build your relationship with God. The three obvious ways are to read
the Bible (I suggest a Study Bible and to start with the New Testament), to attend a spirit-filled church that adheres to sound Biblical
teachings, and to spend time in prayer. Ask God to reveal Himself to you through the Holy Spirit and to draw you to Him.
As you start your Christian walk, I urge you to test the teachings you receive against the Word of God. If someone is teaching something
that goes against what is taught in the Bible, we are to reject that doctrine.

Some examples of false teachings I often hear are as follows:
  • Sin all you want- you're saved! Although Jesus' blood does cover all sins and we are saved through Him, His death was not a get
    out of jail free card or indulgence. Again, this does not mean we will never sin nor does this mean our salvation is partly based on
    being a "good person." However, if our love for Jesus is genuine, we will want to obey His Word and not take advantage of His grace.
  • Priests, the saints, and Mary are your intercessors. Not so. We are told there is only one intercessor between God and man
    and that is Jesus Christ. We are to pray to and call upon Jesus only.
  • Earn your way into God's grace through good works or rites and rituals. Although doing good works and turning away from
    sin are byproducts of our transformation through Christ, it is not the way to God. Salvation is offered freely through Jesus alone and
    not by works or rituals so no man can boast that he saved himself.
  • There are many paths to God. All religions worship the same deity. If this was true, Jesus never would have had to come to
    earth in human form to die on the cross. This is a more recent deception that has multiple purposes: To take the focus off of Jesus,
    to cheapen the gift of grace, and to please other faiths in this age of tolerance.
  • Jesus wasn't actually the son of God, Jesus was just a prophet, Jesus never actually came to earth in human form, or
    Jesus is just part of the salvation equation. The Bible tells us to test the spirits, teachers, prophets, and even those claiming to
    be believers. It is emphasized that anyone who denies that Jesus Christ came in the flesh is not of God but a deceiver. Furthermore,
    anyone who says Jesus is only "a part" of the road to salvation and not "the whole" of salvation is not adhering to Biblical teaching.

Those are just a few examples I see often. If you are suspicious of something you are being taught, I welcome you to
contact me anytime
with your questions and urge you to compare such teachings with the Bible.
One thing that breaks my heart is to see proclaimed Christians who "live it up" Monday through Saturday and then put on a pious facade on
Sunday morning. There are others who claim to be Christians because they were raised in a Christian environment but never personally
accepted Jesus or bothered to develop a relationship with Him. Although this is a very human thing to do, God brings us to a higher level of

Jesus explicitly states that there will be those who call him
Lord but He tells them to depart from Him and that He never knew them.
Statistically, there are over one billion professing Christians in the world but logic (and the Bible) tells us that many are wolves in sheep's
clothing, false teachers, and people who claim to be Christians but are not.

We are not saved through rites and rituals, good works, reciting prayers, and jumping through hoops of man made doctrine. God looks at the
heart. Some try to fool the world by claiming to be Christians in order to achieve wealth, fame, status, or approval but God knows His sheep
and can see right through it.

This age is one of the most challenging ages ever for Christians. Temptation is all around us in terms of secularism, entertainment, the media,
and the love of money but we are told to turn away from things that displease the Lord. This includes but is not limited to sexual immorality
and adultery, drug and alcohol abuse, the love of money, unethical business practices, violence, taking advantage of others for our personal
gain, etc.

Take a moment to look at the things mentioned above and think of some common negative side effects that goes along with such behavior.
There are quite a few consequences to each action.
Even though the above might be seen as cool, ambitious, or fun by the world, Jesus calls
us to reject such practices. Not because He is a boring God and doesn't want us to have any fun but because he knows the consequences of
will destroy us physically and spiritually.

Of course this does not mean we will never sin again. God realizes this world is a spiritual battlefield and He also knows our weaknesses. The
reason Jesus had to save us was because He knew we were incapable of earning our own salvation. However, He also knows our hearts. God
knows the difference between those who truly love and follow Him ("
If you love Me you will obey My commandments") and the pretenders.